Sustainable education and practice

Sustainable education and practice

Sustainable education and practice should be evolving with your child, your environment and you. Different options and challenges applies to city or country side living. You have to ask yourself what really matters to you, what is sustainability about for you, and which exercises are you up to teaching your child. Remember that children are highly visual creatures, and will make a faster connection between cause and effect if you use pictures or drawings to illustrate the purpose of an exercise.

Easy as pie

~ The classic recycling bin. Put a new and engaging spin on this classic by helping your tot draw indicative stickers for each of the bins. Sorting also teaches kids about sizes, shapes, similarities and differences.
~ Whether you live urban or country side style composting is an easy and educative way of reducing your households waste. Teach your child about the circle of organic waste and let them follow the progress of decomposition.
~ Encourage children to go through their toys and clothes every 6 months and choose things they no longer use to give to the local op shops. Use this as an opportunity to explain how sharing things and passing them on will make another child very happy and reduce waste. It’s useful to let the toy box stand a day or two in their room, giving them time to add at their own speed.

For Pro’s

When grocery shopping, bring your own glass jar to bring home your seeds, nuts, cereals etc. bring a small format for your child and let them fill it up with their favourites, explaining how you’re reducing plastic and paper consumption by bringing your own jaws.

No one said it was easy being GREEN !

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