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The ELVA bunny is everything you need in a comforter. This ultra-soft, tactile bunny is perfect for stroking as your baby drifts off to sleep. The soft pastel colours are ideal for soothing and calming baby, leaving brighter colours for those more stimulating toys that will signal playtime!The comforter plays a vital role in the early years of childhood development, promoting the self-soothing crucial to baby’s independence and confidence. Yet it does so with the utmost kindness: it allows baby to attach, bit by bit, to another object besides you for comfort so you can slowly transition away. The result is a gently managed decrease in baby’s dependence on you to get them to sleep, or help them get back to sleep.

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Features & Benefits

Luxuriously Soft & Earth-Aware Made of 100% rPET non-pilling polymicrofibre for maximum softness, sustainability and durabilityHelps Develop Sensory Skills At 6mm height per bubble, the unique texture of this fabric helps to develop baby’s tactile skills and immerses their sensory system in a feeling of physical and emotional comfort

Multi-Functional The knotted corners can easily be strapped around cot bars or on buggy straps

Essential Safety This item contains no small or loose parts that could become a health or safety hazard. Item adheres to all safety regulations, so you can relax knowing your baby is super-safe with Larry Long Ears

A Helping Hand The generous size, shape and soft, 240g two-ply fabric makes Larry ideal for protecting little heads on changing tables

Measurements Body 23cm x 23cm, ears 23cm x 9cm

High quality construction Every aspect is considered from the thread to the dye, from the factory to the family who receives this cuddly companion

Easy Care Machine wash at 40°. Dry on gentle cycle, hang or lay flat to dry, no bleach. Though we recommend being planet-friendly and washing at 40°, if medically required this fabric can withstand washing at 60°

Certified OEKO-TEX® & REACH.

Comes it its own string bag

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