A Mother’s Story

It all started in Denmark, in a little town called Esbjerg. A baby boy called Anton was born. However, at just five days old, Anton was discovered to have a rare eye disease which would require extensive surgery if his eyesight were properly to be restored. Distressed and anxious for her newborn, whose earliest days were not to be spent at home but fully hospitalised and surrounded by tubes and machines, his mother Lone came up with an idea. She discovered a comfort blanket for her son with an incredibly soft, bubbly texture. Most importantly, it could be washed at high temperatures, making it hygienic enough for Anton to keep with him in hospital no matter where he was, even during surgery.

As Anton’s recovery progressed, the doctors noted just how effective this bubbly blanket seemed to be at soothing him. Lone’s curiosity was piqued. She ordered a batch of the blankets and donated them to the Children’s Ward and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, to impressive response. The medical staff reported observations of an increase in the general well-being of the premature babies, who had seemed calmer and less anxious when cuddling the blankets. And so, ELVA was born – with necessity so truly becoming the mother of invention – all because a baby boy had thrived upon the soft, bubbly texture of a blanket.

Pernille: My Story

In 2010 I too became personally moved by the ELVA experience. Receiving an ELVA blanket shortly after the birth of my own son, I looked on in awe at how quickly he became attached to it and felt compelled to contact Lone. Within six months I had bought the company and a new chapter began.

What next for ELVA?

Lone had founded something amazing but I wanted to explore even further the products’ potential for sensory stimulation and improve the tactile experience, whilst also bringing together my own passions for holistic early childhood development and sustainability.

That’s why ELVA today is an eco-business that makes earth friendly baby basics while exploring the increasingly-reported benefits of sensory stimulation.

 Our mission is to create a range of superbly comfortable accessories that are simple yet stylish, extraordinarily soft and practical, and made from materials that respect the earth’s scarce resources.

Affordable luxury that “doesn’t cost the earth”: At Elva, we source the best quality polyester yarn made by certified recycled rPET producers. We want to transform daily necessities into indispensable nursery items, design new and innovative essentials, inspire parents, and meet their need for environmentally friendly and holistic products that exceed expectations.

Having come to Paris more than fourteen years ago and fallen in love with the City of Lights, where my own son was born, I continue to direct ELVA from here with the same mission I started with:

I want something different to offer people. There are so many ways in which it is possible for the consumer to make a difference if they are empowered and motivated by having to hand the correct facts and some viable alternatives. I have always been a keen, holistic-minded environmentalist and ELVA allows me to share and cultivate these passions. Ultimately, as a consumer or as a business we have the power to make our mark on the world a positive one.